A Closer Look at Foundation Drilling Rigs

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In any major construction, whether it’s a mega-bridge or a skyscraper, foundation drilling plays an immense role in ensuring the safety and integrity of the project. 

Although the term foundation drilling may sound self-explanatory, the process itself is broad and complex, covering different methods, equipment, and applications. 

This article will take a closer look at this massively valuable process, as well as the foundation drilling rigs and other essential information.

But first, let us define what foundation drilling is.

What is Foundation Drilling?

It is a process of boring a large hole deep into the ground using a drilling rig to insert structures such as piles that are used to construct a foundation for a particular construction project.

The most common application of this process is the construction of a new project that needs foundation piles or piers to be placed deep into the ground for full load-bearing capability underneath the foundation’s main body.

Some examples of foundation drilling endeavors include bridges, homes, office and commercial buildings, and so on. 

The Common Methods of Foundation Drilling

The foundation drilling process can be done in different ways. But the most common methods used today are the following.

• Kelly Drilling

• Down-the-Hole Drilling

• Continuous Flight Auger Drilling

• Reverse Circulation Air Injection Drilling

Foundation Drilling Rigs

The foundation drilling equipment comes in various shapes and sizes with distinct capabilities and uses, depending on the scale of the project and the type of terrain.

Every driller must note that there is no one-size-fits-all rig drilling equipment that works for all types of drilling or any variety of site conditions.

The type of foundation drilling equipment to be used for a certain project depends on the following elements, including:

• Type of soil

• Project location

• The depth and diameter needed for the holes

• The layout of the construction area

Today’s drilling equipment is designed for easy transport and offers the best drilling performance aside from its capabilities to do other foundation-related construction tasks.

There are also drill rig companies that partnered with the world’s leading manufacturers of foundation drilling rigs equipped with innovative technology and build quality machines.

Modern upgrades and conveniences on the drilling equipment, which include digital dashboard screens, automatic placement, and improved torque technology, make them perfect for the job.

Final Thoughts

Despite the complexities of the process itself, foundation drilling is vital in ensuring the stability of new and existing structures.

The good news is that there are courses of action that you can take to ensure job completion, such as observing the work site and planning what equipment you will need.

The most significant aspect of choosing foundation drilling equipment is knowing what you need to get the work done. 

Take the time to meet with a reputable and experienced drill rig company to clearly define your project requirements and find the right equipment that will meet your needs and offer high performance and return on investment.

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