How Can an Adjustable Bed Help You Deal with Vertigo?

Dizziness has been and always will be an unpleasant sensation, but it can become even more disturbing if it happens frequently. Chronic dizziness can be due to a lot of factors. Vertigo is included in this list and is in fact one of the most complained about.

Thankfully, there are a few simple steps one may take to help alleviate vertigo-induced dizziness. The use of an adjustable bed is seen by experts as one of them. 

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What is Vertigo? 

Medical professionals will often describe vertigo as a benign yet very frustrating condition. It can induce you to suffer from dizziness and may cause your surroundings to look like they are literally spinning off around you. 

Medical professionals say that vertigo is often accompanied by a disorder of the ear canal. They believe that it is partly responsible for coordination and balance.The signals to the brain that transmit the body’s location in space may be disrupted by the said disorder. 

There are more cases of vertigo among women than there are in men. Furthermore, it is much more prevalent in people who previously had a head injury. 

Vertigo is somewhat more common in people who are past 50 years old. Vertigo can strike at any given time. This is usually accompanied by dizziness. Changing the position of the head may help here, particularly when lying down. If you turn over in bed, it will also run the risk of inducing your body to suffer from episodes of vertigo. 

Exercises that involve altering the position of the head are widely used as a form of treatment for vertigo. The purpose of doing so is to revert your inner ear crystals back to their designated locations.

Often, they prove to be of significant help in alleviating dizziness and in putting off other symptoms that vertigo sufferers usually complain about. 

What is the Role of an Adjustable Bed in Relieving Vertigo? 

People who suffer from vertigo are often advised to consider the use of adjustable or otherwise known also as reclining beds since they can help you identify your most relaxed sleeping position. 

Besides, they also replicate the head position exercises that are often used in the treatment of vertigo. 

Since every one of us happens to have a uniquely different body, there is not one single defined position that will surely alleviate symptoms for every single vertigo sufferer. 

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Adjustable, or reclining beds, are indeed interesting furnishing pieces not because of their good aesthetics but more than that they give the user a chance to position their head in such a way that the likelihood of vertigo attacks from taking place once again or anytime soon is diminished. 

It may appear to many of us that piling or stacking pillows together will help achieve a certain degree of elevation for the head in the hope of relieving dizziness and alleviate other symptoms of vertigo. While this could be a popular practice, there is no proof though that it can substantially help out. 

However, stocking of pillows to elevate the head can put a lot of strain on the head and neck areas. It runs the risk of moving around at night, and if that happens, it may even exacerbate your vertigo symptoms. 

A bed with an adjustable head part is a great alternative since this option will help you to adapt the angle of your bed to your specific requirements for comfort and relaxation. 

If you are the type of person who tends to twist and turn during their sleep at night, positioning yourself at a specific angle may help in simulating the exercises that are recommended by doctors to mitigate symptoms associated with vertigo. 

While there is not yet a definitive cure for vertigo, adjustable beds can provide the ideal support and comfort it needs, and consequently alleviate vertigo symptoms and prevent episodes. 

One study, conducted over six months, showed a significant improvement in vertigo symptoms when the subjects of the study were made to use an adjustable or reclining bed. They were asked to sleep at 45 degrees head elevation. It turned out later that vertigo isn’t the only condition that these interesting furnishing pieces can help with, either. 

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