Is There Any Other Use for Vacuum Seal Machine? Aside from Food Preservation

Seasoned housewives and homemakers who enjoyed the amazing benefits of using their vacuum sealing machine for food preservation are also wondering if this highly indispensable piece of kitchen appliance can be utilized as well for other uses. One may just need to look around him and he will right away identify many other practical applications that his vacuum sealing machine can have.

Like for instance, you can make use of the “Seal Only” feature of your vacuum sealer if you want to protect sensitive items from scratches or to keep them safe from water. I always find myself hacking my vacuum sealer to vacuum pack my cellular phone, high-value watch, prized jewelry items, important documents, or any other sensitive items that I want to secure and ensure its safety. I just make it sure, though, that I always have a high-quality vacuum sealer bag for this purpose.

Crackers, Cereal, or Bags of Chips

If you will make a rundown of the important and not-so-important items inside your house, you will quickly realize that vacuum sealers have many other great uses. They are not just awesome in vacuum sealing your highly perishable food items. The practical application for this home appliance will go beyond the kitchen.

From the kitchen, other than fruits, meats, fish, and vegetables, you can also vacuum seal any item that is not too fragile and the quality will not degrade if their packagings are not properly closed. This includes your favorite chips, cracker bags, or cereals. For such items, make use of the “seal only” functionality of your vacuum sealer. Doing so will prevent air from penetrating the package, and will thus keep these food items to remain fresh and crisp.

Important and Highly Sensitive Documents

Every one of us has quite a good number of important documents that we want to save and preserve for the long haul. If possible, to make them safe from external elements, we want to keep them intact, inside a waterproof bag. It would be much better if we are using a vacuum-sealed bag for this purpose.

Such documents may include some of our family member’s birth certificate, land titles, certificates, bank documents, lease papers, business and lease contracts, passports, business permits, and even marriage license or certificates, or any other piece of document or paper that you deem too important to get ruined. 

Vintage Photos

There is nothing quite like having a vintage photo nowadays. In the age defined by digital photography, the practice of keeping traditionally printed vintage photos seemed like a dissipating habit to many of us. But some people, myself included, still appreciate printed photos.

It is a different thing when you have old photos digitized, or electronically processed and stored. Most especially when you have old family photos, they are good keepsakes — memories of a bygone era. There is something more beautiful when memories are tangible, printed on a piece of paper. Vacuum sealing them inside a high-quality vacuum sealer bag will keep their deterioration at bay.  

Now, look around your room. You will surely find an item or two there that you want to keep safe from insects, water, and the elements. Your vacuum sealing machine is an indispensable tool with a wide variety of uses and applications.

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