Pool and Spa Warehouse: What You Need to Know About Swim Spa Maintenance

Swim Spa Maintenance

If you had purchased your swim spa from a reputable pool and spa warehouse, you are probably aware of the importance of regular maintenance. 

Part of the maintenance is ensuring that all the spa parts are clean regularly and properly functioning.

Doing regular spa maintenance ensures its safety and cleanliness.

To help you with the basics of spa maintenance, we have outlined below a short maintenance guide. 

Circulate the Water in Your Spa Regularly

Maintaining good water circulation in your spa will keep the water clean and remove any contaminants in it. 

Make a Scheduled Spa Maintenance and Stick to It

Your swim spa will accumulate inorganic and organic pollutants over time. And if it is not regularly maintained, these contaminants will build up. 

Sticking to a regular maintenance schedule like once a week will keep your spa from developing scum and pollutants to settle in. 

As part of your regular spa maintenance, make sure to clean the inside of the spa and its filters. Scrub also the shell of your swim spa using a soft sponge. These basic maintenance tasks will keep it from build-ups of scums and pollutants that may occur over time.

Maintain Your Spa Water Chemistry Balance

Maintaining well-balanced water chemistry in your spa is very important to keep it clean and safe to use. To help you determine the water chemistry, you can use test strips or a liquid testing kit. 

• pH Level

A balanced pH level is between 7.4 to 7.6. Values below this range will be too acidic and may damage your spa and irritate your skin and eyes.

• Alkalinity

Your spa alkalinity level should be between 125 and 150 parts per million. Too much alkalinity in the water can cause scaling and cloudiness.

Use Only A Sanitizer Recommended by your Pool and Spa Warehouse 

Use a sanitizer to kill the bacteria and other contaminants in the water. Use any suitable sanitizer recommended by your spa dealer in keeping the water clean. 

Make sure you use the right chemicals for their specific purposes to avoid potential damage to your spa.

Remove and Clean the Spa Cover

Remove and air out the spa cover at least twice a week for its longevity. Spa cover keeps away debris such as leaves and wind-blown rubbish from the water. You can use a cover lifter to air out some heat and moisture. 

If your spa is outside your house, use a cover cleaner to remove airborne dirt and oils after removing the cover and allowing it to breathe for a few hours.


Keeping your spa in perfect condition and ensuring a safe and long-term spa experience

requires proper maintenance. 

Maintaining your spa is not a complicated task to do. All you need is to understand by heart the basic troubleshooting and spa maintenance tasks so that you will enjoy its many benefits for a long time.

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