What Makes a Good Sonic Drill Purchase?

The use of a good sonic drill is paramount to one’s success in the mineral oil exploration industry. If you are lucky enough to have purchased a high-quality drill rig together with all the necessary equipment it requires so you can run it smoothly and seamlessly, you are likely to win bids and complete drilling contracts on time. This is how you can make profitable business in this industry.

However, you can’t just buy a random drill rig out there. There is more to it than meets the eye and there are also many variables and factors that you will need to take into account. And all those variables may affect or influence your decision.

sonic drill

Before making any action to buy a sonic drill rig, there’s this one million dollar question that you need to ask yourself, “Will this drill rig help me earn a good amount of money?” Or would it cost you more to own as opposed to some other option that will carry out the job just the same for less? It is a good guiding question so you can get more value from your money. 

During the last time the country suffered from an economic slump, the vast majority of drill rigs were sitting idle. This made it easier for everyone to cannibalize their good components in an effort to keep the active drilling rigs running.

Now that the market is up on its feet again, most drilling contractors are ready and prepared to make decisions on their own, whether they will keep their old drill rigs and make necessary repair works on them, or to buy new rigs instead. When it comes to knowing exactly what drill rig component needs fixing or what needs replacement, operations managers should be able to do that. They should be able to identify what valves, engines or assemblies need replacement at the soonest. Additionally, they also have a fairly accurate idea of how much a new drill rig costs.

If the estimated costs for rebuilding drill rigs are somewhat in close range to the cost of buying a new rig, they can resort to carrying out a full-blown audit. This will necessitate you to make a comprehensive evaluation of the drill rigs assessing as well the parts and components they have in stock. They also need to look into their maintenance records so they can come up with a more accurate cost analysis to get an old drill rig back up and ready to get to work again. 

Recent Sonic Drill Technology

It is understandable that if you happen to have an old fleet for your drill rig, acquiring a brand new one offers you an opportunity to become even more effective and productive with your drilling because you can go far deeper, a few more additional meters.

Needless to say, newer rigs are far more productive than an old one. They can provide you with more reliable uptime work. And compared to older and used rigs, they come packed with more built-in safety features. 

Increased Level of Reliability

Old and used drill rigs are more prone to damage and breaks down easily, and this happens with greater frequency but not with new  drill rigs. If downtime of operations are pretty often occurrence, it will badly affect any hard-earned drilling job.

The loss of productivity here will accelerate the piling up of costs on drill rig repairs and contractual obligations. Operating conditions that are well-maintained will not only help a drilling fleet’s productivity, it will also help ensure a contractor will not likely get ousted from a site or drilling contract.  


Other than the costs, other important things to look into are whether a drilling firm has enough workforce, talent and the time to carry out an overhaul work on a drill rig that remained idle for so long a time but now need to get working again. 

An overhaul project can take a long time to complete, about 3-4 months at the most. This kind of work also requires tooling, facilities and a labor pool of mechanism who can still commit a significant amount of their time for this (since most of them are probably already having their hands on other rigs too, to keep them up and running.

Why Acquire a New Sonic Type of Drill Rig

You don’t need to rush yourself into doing things here, instead, you need to consider the available options you have. Make a comprehensive assessment of your current drill rig fleet and identify what measures you might need to take in order to maintain and keep it updated. Hence, you can become even more competitive in the market. 

Have you ever thought if your drilling rigs are taking good advantage of the most recent developments and latest innovations? Are they in line with the current safety standards?

Keep in mind that the number one reason, motivating element why you need to buy new upgraded equipment versus used, old equipment is to further enhance the long term reliability of your services, improve productivity, and enhance safety.  

If the above-mentioned gains of purchasing new sonic drill rig are making sense to you, you might need to reach out to an expert and see what options are available for your current requirements, both today and in the near future.  

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