Why Is Jamboard Google Better Than Other Digital Whiteboards?

From the time that Jamboard Google was first launched in the digital whiteboard industry, the Google team’s pool of engineering heads and product development teams have been relentless in working out an array of new usability and functionality features that are not just enjoyable and fun to use but are highly functional, too. Every single one of them is geared towards making a user’s Jam session experience much better and more fulfilling than the last. 


Users can leverage Jamboard Google in building online collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. You can brainstorm with your remote team members online, and thus facilitate the development of new, groundbreaking ideas. 

If you are an educator, you can take advantage of Jamboard in conducting your online class and engage your students to participate in problem-solving exercises. 

As a cloud-based kiosk, the original intention for developing Jamboard Google is for enterprise applications. This digital whiteboard offering from Google is extremely helpful when holding/hosting corporate meetings, giving online conferences, and conducting online presentations. The operative word to use here is for online collaboration. 

Even when you don’t have the physical Jamboard itself, you can still join an active “jam” session using your digital device. You can use your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer for this purpose. If you installed the Jamboard online app on your device, it would let you join an active “jam” session and access relevant files from the Drive. 

What makes Jamboard Google a cut above the rest in the digital whiteboard market? Here are some of the updates and latest advances about it that makes it a standout product item. These feature upgrades are designed to help improve the user experience. 

Improvements in selecting and duplicating objects on the interactive whiteboard.

This is a sigh of relief for every Jamboard home user. Now they can use the duplicate functionality feature on a preselected object on the Jamboard screen. They can also enjoy the same functionality feature update on their mobile device. 

All you need to do is pick out an object on your screen, highlighting it, and then click on the duplicate icon to activate it on your selected item. You will find this icon on the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Once done, your screen will display another copy of your pre-selected object. Drag it to that area on your screen where you need it to be. 

Now, you can also select objects and drawings such as stickers, post-its, and images. You can also move them or resize them to your liking, and the “lasso” selection tool will help you deal with that.  

Faster sharing of your completed work with teammates. 

Are you aching to get your work reviewed and receive feedback from your colleagues on your recently completed project? 

team meetings

From the Jamboard app, choose and click on “Add people”. Doing so will initiate the system to auto-suggest to you contacts that are relevant with respect to matching address, history, and book contacts. 

When you try to add someone, they are bound to eventually receive a notification email about it. This action will grant them “read-only” access to your work unless you deliberately set them as “co-editors” of your work, then that is time they get to have their hands on it, too. It is pretty much like how it works in Google Docs. 

Add Your Frequently Used GIFs

Jamboard home whiteboard can now accommodate your frequently used GIF images and you can add them up via Google Drive. This allows you to incorporate dynamic images to spruce up the Jams you create.  

You can Now Move Objects to Adjacent Jam Frames

By popular demand, you can now move objects to different pages or adjacent Jam frames. All you need to do is select a relevant image of your choice and glide it either to the left or to the right screen edge. So much for flexibility of use when juggling different jams at the same time, right? 

Jamboard Google Admins Can Now Enjoy More Reporting Features

If you happen to be a G-Suite admin, you will love the fact that you can integrate Jamboard into your G-Suite tools. Jamboard home integrated with your Google G-Suite products will now allow you to have a peek at your historical data on Wi-Fi network strength (RSSI). It will also allow you to check out your board’s online and offline status and finally lets you see also the WiFi network overall speed.

You can do this on the Jamboard Admin console page. Competing digital whiteboard systems found in the market today fall behind these aforementioned features. 

Wrapping Up!

There is no better time or day to start your Jamboard digital whiteboard experience. Start soon and appreciate its competitive edge over competing brands. 

With an array of functionality and usability features that Jamboard Google product comes with, users can look forward to getting more than what they bargained for. It is a product worth investing in for its sheer value. 

Creative agencies and teams coming from various industries as well as professional services companies — all of them are now enjoying the Jamboard advantage and have it as their preferred digital whiteboard tool for their online collaboration concerns. 

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