Why is Waterjet Technology Cleaning Relevant to the Construction Industry?

There are various applications for water jet machines, one of which is for cleaning solid surfaces. Where traditional cleaning methods fall short in, it is where high-pressure cleaning will pick up from. 

Waterjet machines produce high-pressure water. It helps remove and clear off stubborn materials, dirt, muck, and grime on a surface. It can even take out deep-seated contaminants in pavement and erase pollution tracks on cement roads. This is possible, despite having cleaved on the road surfaces for the longest time. 

It is the force of high-pressure water that removes a wide spectrum of materials, film, and abrasives. Therefore, one need not be surprised to see airport runways getting cleaned by a water jet machine. You can also clean asphalt roads with a waterjet, or remove old paint from walls with it. 

It is also ideal for cleaning metal and like surfaces. Or if your exterior walls happen to graffiti writings, illustrations, or gum, you can obliterate them with the power of the waterjet cleaner. 

Water jet cleaning won’t put the environment in harm’s way. Unlike traditional cleaning methods we know, it comes with a low carbon footprint.  

Waterjet Blasting in Relation to the Construction Industry

Waterjet blasting can help address a wide variety of industrial cleaning concerns. This works to the advantage of the construction industry in the country. Reason being that it can eradicate dirt, debris, grime, and a host of other unwanted materials from structures and surfaces, seamlessly. It is something that traditional cleaning systems are challenged at and having a hard time to do. 

Construction projects that produce abrasives and need eventual removal will benefit from the use of waterjet cleaning. Studies show that, compared to traditional methods, a waterjet cleaning system is far more efficient and effective. Thus, saving them a significant amount of time and resources. 

High-pressure waterjet cleaning is also very reliable. Not just in removing rust and old paint coatings on concrete walls, but in taking out deep-seated leads and crystallized salt deposits. This helps reduce your wall surface’s chloride levels. When this happens, it will amplify your wall paint coating’s adhesion. Hence, it enhances further its longevity. 

Removal of Health Hazards

Another advantage of waterjet cleaning is it won’t generate dust particles, which is the case with sandblasting. It is a commonly complained issue with traditional cleaning methods. Hence, it takes out the possibility  of potentially harmful contaminants from  becoming airborne.   

health hazard

Beyond any doubt, we see this as a great measure where people working in the construction sphere are given a chance to keep themselves from being exposed to high amounts of silica sand or crystalline silica.

Exposure to these substances for a long time will run the risk of eventually laying the groundwork for fatal lung disease. 

Practical Applications of High-Pressure Waterjet Cleaning  

Besides industrial cleaning, you can also utilize waterjet cleaning technique for your home cleaning concerns, such as  

  • Cleaning of pavers
  • Cleaning your deck 
  • Washing your roof
  • Cleaning/washing garage floors and driveways. 
  • Washing your cladding.  
  • Cleaning high windows. 
  • Cleaning brick walls, grout, and natural stone. 
  • Remove flaking paint. 

While we don’t consider the list given above as an exhaustive enumeration of the practical application of a waterjet system inside your home, there is still a wide spectrum of surfaces that can be cleaned using waterjet technology. Provided that we know the right settings to use, the waterjet system can virtually clean almost anything. Squeaky clean, even.

It is such a relief to know that the waterjet cleaning method is quite versatile to use. But as we take advantage of the waterjet system for our various surface cleaning concerns, we’d do well if we would consider enlisting the help of a professional for the task.  

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