How to Stage Your Bedroom During Pandemic Using a Santino Bedside Table?

Even during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we can put your home, your residential property on sale.

When a potential home buyer or property hunter checks out a home in the property market, bedrooms will not be the first thing they want to see. However, if they like your bedroom that much, particularly the master’s, it is going to have a major impact on their decision, whether they will like to proceed with the next stage or look for something better instead.

Do you want to ensure that your bedroom is enticing enough in the eyes of your prospective homebuyer? Do you want to perk up their interest and show them the great potential of your home as their future residence, too?

bedroom bedside table

What we have below is a rundown on the list of essentials when it comes to diy styling of your bedroom spaces.

Let us delve into the tangibles.

Our best recommendation is to minimize the decor items you are going to have in your bedroom space. The less amount of embellishments and accent pieces you put in this area, the better. Unless, of course, that you have a large amount of space in your bedroom, then that is going to be workable. Otherwise, don’t make your bedroom space too crowded, or one of its corners too cramped.

Your Bed

Regardless of what kind or style of bed you have, make sure that you spruce it up to make it look more inviting and comfy. The easiest way to go for this is the bed-in-a-bag type, but then again you can come up with your own, unique combination of pillows and bed coverings.

But we suggest that you veer away from dated colors and styles, as well as arranging your bed in a very girly fashion. Or a bedroom style that is too dark in theme, almost bordering to that of a gothic look, homebuyers will find your overall taste for interiors creepy which may send them away.

Add a Mirror

A bedroom is never complete if you don’t put in an element of sparkle to it. Bedrooms need to have it, and for this a mirror can go a long way,  a small type of mirror will also and  will surely add up to that.

See to it that your mirror will not be reflecting another window, not even a lighting fixture or the bed itself. Mirror items that you can use specifically for this purpose are usually found in second-hand stores. Therefore, there is no valid excuse for you to skip this part.

A Santino Bedside Table

If you happen to have a small bedroom, you have a valid reason to stage it without a dresser. This way, your bedroom is going to have a much larger feel but we will discourage you from doing away from a nightstand. A Santino bedside table would be perfect for this purpose.

How can a nightstand make a difference when staging your bedroom?

A nightstand is a part and parcel of the bed and makes the bedroom feel more inviting and homey. In the absence of a nightstand, it will render the bedroom to feel bland and gray.

large bedroom

Let your imagination and creativity work their magic on this aspect since you are not necessitated here to come up with a traditional matching set. If you have a large bedroom, then having 2 nightstands would be necessary. One should be placed on each side of the bed.

Floor Lamp is Essential

Whatever kind of lamp you currently have will do for this part. Wall lamp, table lamp, or floor lamp, you can take advantage of any one of them for this purpose. Have them near just beside the bed itself.

Try not to skip on having a natural lighting system and overhead illumination, they are far too important if you will deliberately skip on. The working principle here is an appropriate lamp will make your bedroom space feel comfy and cozy, even if you don’t intend to use them all the time.

Indoor Plant

Staging your bedroom space for potential homebuyers is not complete without some greenery. You need to add in an element of nature to your bedroom, and potted plants will make a great job on this part.

Any room inside your house comes to life when you put in some plants. It will enhance its aesthetic value, even if you only have a faux type.

A Piece of Art

Your bedroom wall decoration is the last of our tangibles on the list. A painting that gives you a soothing vibe when looking at it would be perfect for this. If you are more inclined to soft abstracts, then it would be okay, too.

Some homeowners, though, would go for a black and white print since this usually gives the bedroom space a sophisticated vibe. If you are more inclined to giving it a homey touch instead, we suggest you go for a wall-hung quilt.

Final Word for Now

Before placing your house in the property market and have a house for sale tag on your front door, take a look, and assess your bedroom space first. Is it inviting enough to look at? Do you need to add up something here and there? Make some assessment first.

If you are opting for a DIY styling approach here in staging your bedroom,  ask yourself if you are seducing your potential home buyers to like this particular area of your house? Or is your bedroom setup making them fall asleep because they easily got bored with how it looked or the way you have it presented?

Remember, bedrooms, compared to the other areas of a house, are the easiest to stage. They are the easiest to style so you can perk up the interest of your potential buyers outright. The bedroom is a good starting point when it comes to staging a house for sale, and some accent pieces would be necessary like a Santino bedside table.

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