The Importance of Bedside Commode

A bedside commode is a type of chair commode that does not utilize running water, which could be placed by the bed or other locations in the home. It comes with a chair framework yet with a commode seat, under where a pale is positioned to make sure that it might be utilized as a toilet.

Functions of Bedside Commode

The use of a bedside commode is primarily to make going and using the toilet a lot easier, less complex, and more secure for those who have difficulty reaching and, or, utilizing a bathroom. Usually, it is utilized by individuals who are incapacitated or have restricted motion because of a medical problem, surgical treatment, and also injury or seniority.

It can normally be readjusted in elevation to meet the customer’s demands, making it a lot easier for users to rest and stand as a result of the decreased distance when they require to bend.

The transportability of commodes serves to lower the range a user should stroll to utilize a commode so it is safer and easier for an individual with mobility problems.

What are the Benefits


A bedside commode has big armrests that are very easy to get on to, making it very easy for users to lower their body to the commode seat safety. This is something that is not true for toilets unless grab bars are put in place.

If it is located in a bedroom or any area apart from the bathroom, it is basically in a safer location. A lot of fall accidents occur in the shower room, due partly to unsafe surfaces. If you put the commode in other rooms on a commode floor covering that is non-slip, you are making it much safer.


Peeing during the night is easier as there is no requirement for a senior or impaired individual to stroll to the bathroom, a commode could be ideal by the bed, which lowers the possibility of falls. You could also make use of lights with remote sensing units which will undoubtedly turn on when the individual stands up from the bed, thus making it easy to see it and its lights would shut off typically three minutes after no more activity has been noticed.

Increased Privacy

With the enhanced safety of resting on a bedside commode in contrast to a commode, an individual that can currently go to the commode by themselves as well as to do this without aid can have their privacy brought back to them, and they do not need to go with the undignified procedure of being helped at during intimate times.

The seats that include the various versions of the bedside commode can be open or elongated to help with accessibility of bigger bariatric commodes additionally suggests that when a bigger person needs help on a bathroom, on bariatric commodes where they have a big seat and are properly supported and they could clean themselves even without help.

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