Oil Containment Boom: 5 Main Types

There are five main kinds of containment booms constructed. All of them are offered in manageable sections which could be joined to develop longer lengths. Manufacturers usually utilize common connectors so a boom from various businesses could be utilized in conjunction. In crisis distributions, containment boom could be strung constantly for miles.

Types of Oil Containment Boom

Foam-Filled Containment Boom

This specific boom comes with flotation chambers loaded with a closed-cell foam then sealed to present the buoyancy required to always keep it afloat and offer the freeboard which has the oil. Also, these booms include a skirt that’s suspended underneath the bath to assist in oil containment. The skirt offers the draft height. The tension wires and chains offer stability and strength. This containment boom is lightweight and could be easily and quickly deployed.


This particular boom depends on the flotation chamber loaded with air in order to offer resilience to the boom. Such inflatable containment booms might be kept flat, as well as the flotation compartment loaded with an air blower in time of placement. Inflatable boom is usually saved on reels to permit uncomplicated deployment. The inflatable boom has the advantageous asset of needing less space for storage for a specified measurement of a boom as compared to the foam loaded containment boom. The tension wires, as well as ballast chains, offer stability and strength.

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There will also be containment booms sold as person inflating booms. Such flotation chambers have exposed to the air celled foam which may be flattened during boom storage space. When installed, the open cell foam starts to expand to its original form, giving a hybrid between regular foam loaded foam boom as well as inflatable boom.


Permanent boom is built of high-quality adaptable belts which have some floatation chambers. As its title implies, these are far sturdier and last more than both foams filled or an inflatable containment boom. Such permanent booms also can be successfully deployed to include debris.

Intertidal Shore Barrier

It was created to be worn at shore advantage in tidal places, supplying intertidal containment. Its draft comes with two water-filled chambers which provide ballast as well as offer a closure to develop a berm whenever the boom sits on the shoreline. Then a third inflatable chamber offers when the freeboard, including height to a Shore Barrier type of boom to deal with the enhanced drinking water height as the tide rises. This particular boom is flat when not used. Deployment calls for both an air blower as well as a water pump. This type of screen may be extremely useful in attempting to protect other areas, tidal planes, estuaries, and shorelines which are subject to changing water levels.


It is built like that of a permanent Boom. But, the resources used are made to bear contact to heat up and open-flame for a substantial time. Such fire booms are accustomed to corral the spill, as well as possess it while it’s burned off. The boom is a special item made for specific manufacturers.

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