Which Gives You Better Protection, Plastic Shower Chair with Arms or a Bath Bench?

If you base it on statistical records, 3 people at the ripe age of 65 suffer from accidental falls at home each year. The vast majority of which surprisingly takes place in the bathroom while taking a bath or enjoying a shower. 

Standing up while having a shower or trying to safely clamber into and out of a bathtub can be physically demanding for individuals who are physically challenged and have balance issues. In fact, statistics show that approximately one-third of the elderly people today are struggling their way into or out of a shower or bathtub. 

Shower seats, plastic shower chairs with arms, bath benches, and shower stools are all decent alternatives for bathing safety because they significantly help the user maintain their balance while inside in the bath/shower area, thus preventing accidental falls and slips

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Shower Chairs

Shower chairs are perfect for individuals who struggle with their balance while taking a shower. It also acts as a resting place for those who have issues when standing for lengthy periods of time.

A backless chair is excellent for individuals who have weak back strength or balance. A decent plastic shower chair with arms will have rubber tips on the legs. This usability feature will help incidents of slipping due to wet floor tiles at bay and, when combined with a hand-held showerhead, the user can remain sitting whilst showering.

Another overlooked advantage of shower chairs is that they are light and mobile enough, so much so that when another person needs to take his turn in the shower, they can be easily taken out. 

Bath Benches

A bath bench minimizes the inconvenience associated with clambering into and out of the shower or tub. Benches are suitable for individuals who battle with balance or who have issues entering and exiting the bathtub. Individuals with such mobility issues can safely enter the tub by remaining seated on the bench right outside the tub and then sliding across to the tub. 

The bench chair is commonly used in conjunction with a showerhead that you can hold by the hand. This makes it easy for the user to remain sitting while washing or enjoying his shower.

bath benches

Bench chairs, together with plastic shower chairs with arms, come in an array of sizes. Some models or makes would include back support, which is beneficial for individuals with limited balance or who simply want the enhanced reassurance of extra support.

Non-Slip Surfaces

Whichever way you enter or exit the shower/tub, water on tiles will always put anyone in harm’s way. Thus, even when you don’t have issues with your mobility, one can never be too careful. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts to keep bathroom slips and accidental falls at bay:

  • Invest in a non-slip mat. The use of decals or non-slip mats on the tub or shower floor will assist users not just prevent slipping on wet tiles, it will also make them feel even more stable during their bath/shower time. 
  • Stepping onto a towel is dangerous and can even put you in harm’s way because it can quickly slip away from beneath your feet, rendering you vulnerable to accidental falls and injury.
  • Veer away from the use of non-slip strips in the shower area. Stable footing is supplied by non-slip adhesive strips or mats attached next to the shower floor surface or the bathtub. 

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