Why Use Copper-Infused Mattress for Your Adjustable Bed?

Since copper is one of the three most common trace minerals in the body, it is essential for normal bodily function. Yet, we forget about the wide range of health benefits associated with it, like how one study suggests it may help reduce high blood pressure.

Another research indicates that copper plays a part in the development of distinct neurological pathways, and another one also shows how it regulates melanin formation.

The human body can obtain its copper requirements by virtue of the food we consume and the supplements we take in. We have another viable way our bodies can obtain copper and thus benefit from this must-have element. We can incorporate copper fibres into the adjustable bed mattresses and thus enjoy the wide range of health-promoting benefits that it has to offer. 

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Infuse Your Bed Mattress with Copper? Why?

A copper bed mattress will not impact your body in the same manner that a copper supplement would. Of course, you are not going to ingest your copper-infused bed mattress. But the vast majority of bed mattress manufacturers are into the production of copper-infused foams or textiles, primarily for these 2 main reasons:

  • Copperworks well as a conductor of heat.
  • Copper is sought out due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. 

Some bed mattress manufacturing companies say that copper has a range of collagen-building, anti osteoarthritis, and anti-inflammatory properties. However, at the moment, there is no conclusive evidence that can prove that sleeping on a copper-sewn mattress, either on a standard or reclining/adjustable bed, can have a positive impact on the human body. 

Right now, what we have on our plate is that it comes with its own antibacterial and thermal properties.

Thermal Conductivity and Your Bed Mattress

Wait a minute! Believe. “What on Earth made you think that I wanted my mattress to be any hotter?”

It should be clear that copper is a type of metal that does not retain heat because of its exceptionally high thermal conductivity. It is more accurate to say that heat transfers swiftly through the metal. Therefore, heat is dissipated from the source.

In that case, what does it have to do with a bed mattress? 

To illustrate this even further, let us consider some of the bed mattress brands that infuse copper fibres into their market product offerings. Certain manufacturers incorporate copper filaments directly into the textile strands. 

Others copper-infuses an entire foam layer instead. Either of the two options for your adjustable/reclining bed will cause you to notice and feel a difference in your sleeping temperature.

The foam layer laced with copper fibres is the one closest to your body. Due to the thermal conductivity of copper, the copper strands in this foam will capture and dissipate your body’s heat, making it possible for you to sleep cooler and more comfortable all night. 

The Antimicrobial Properties of Copper

Many of us observe a number of preventive measures, such as wearing a mattress protector, to shield or keep us protected from allergies, bacteria and microbes. Imagine if your bed mattress could stave off unseen bacteria and microbes? 

That is an additional advantage of copper-infused mattresses. Copper naturally inhibits the growth of potentially harmful bacteria and microbes. So much so, that when you have bonded with your adjustable bed mattress fabric, the copper ions in them will keep them from thriving, let alone from spreading even further. 

Copper has been utilized as a liner on ships to impede the growth of barnacles and mussels. Aside from that, scientific studies also show that copper alloys rapidly kill a gamut of harmful microbes and bacteria in no time. 

Thus, when copper is utilized in the production of a bed mattress, it naturally creates a powerful antiviral and antibacterial environment. This will benefit most people who are allergic to or have a high level of sensitivity to the chemical-based antibacterial treatments used by textile makers and bed mattress manufacturers. 

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