What are the Health Benefits of a Hot Tub According to Pool and Spa Warehouse Managers?

What many people should realize nowadays when it comes to the use of hot tubs and swim spas is that they can significantly help improve lives. Improvement in many ways that nobody before thought was even possible. Needless to say, swim spas and similar outdoor water entertainment features help a lot in bringing a family closer together.

Swim spas also give us a good reason for other people, friends, colleagues, neighbors over for a relaxing visit. This water entertainment feature for your outdoor space helps you make that connection with the natural world surrounding you. Regular soaking sessions in your swim spa or hot tub can help alleviate the stress you have for the day. It will also help you have a restful sleep, improve your body’s flexibility, ease your body pains and aches, and an awful lot more.

benefits of hot tubs

Below are some of the most celebrated health-promoting benefits of a swim spa.

  1. Improved Range of Motion

As we age, the natural tendency of the human body is to lose hold of our range of motion. For some, the experience of which happens gradually while others would have it swiftly. This happens with respect to several influencing factors such as activity level, genetics, injuries, or the existence of a medical condition like arthritis.

With regular usage of your swim spa will work to your advantage by helping your body restore its lost flexibility. At the same time also, it will help a lot in keeping at bay the natural stiffening of some parts of the body that comes with the advancing of age.

According to pool and spa warehouse managers, the working principle behind a swim spa has something to do with the warm water, creating hydrostatic pressure. This is the pressure that is resulting from the pressure of the liquid going against the human body. The warm temperature and the hydrostatic pressure your hot tub makes helps in reducing joint inflammation, consequently helping improve a person’s level of mobility.

 2. Relief from Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Spending significant amounts of time in the hot tub will help an awful lot in alleviating symptoms of fibromyalgia. People with this condition are suffering from chronic fatigue and pain in almost every corner of the body. Hence, inducing disturbed sleep at night. It also impairs one’s ability to focus or concentrate, thus creating an unnecessarily negative impact when you need to carry out your tasks or need to attend to your daily routine.

Much like how people with arthritis enjoy pain relief when they soak in the warming comfort of the water in a hot tub, hydrotherapy routines for fibromyalgia patients also show demonstrable benefits. These patients are exhilarated with how they are seeing their body’s physical functionality, ability to carry out their jobs, quality of sleep are improving to a great extent. Not to mention here are the relief and alleviation of muscle stiffness and pain, depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

If you are diagnosed with fibromyalgia and are looking for ways to relieve your symptoms, the best course of action you’ll have here is to reach out to a qualified medical professional for proper consultation and advice.

3. Lower Back Pain Relief

Whether acute or chronic, lower back pain always has a severe impact on the quality of the life we have. It can disrupt the normal functioning of your body and thus keep you from performing your day to day functions and routines, from going to work, shopping, driving, and then doing household chores.

Aside from what is mentioned above, pool and spa warehouse managers are asserting that back pains also keep you from enjoying a restful sleep at night. Multiple studies in the past have shown that people who are suffering from chronic back pain and have undergone hydrotherapy treatment saw how their back pain symptoms have significantly alleviated. 
While various scientific studies and research show that hydrotherapy or regular use of a swim spa may bring about a positive impact on people who are afflicted by their lower back pain, one needs to understand that it can never be used as a replacement for the advice of a qualified medical professional.

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