What Kind of Drill Rigs for Sale Are People Looking for Nowadays?

Available drill rigs in the country come in several different types. They usually serve as protective structures, to house and preserve several important drilling tools and equipment. This may include the drill bits, cables, and the derrick, materials that are crucial to have when your drilling project will involve the extraction of raw petroleum from underground.  

oil rigs

You can go back to the basics and you will see that there are several different types of oil rigs. By their sheer design and structure, they are sure to work okay in various locations, under different environments and wells.  

Jackups come with columnar legs or open-truss features. It is a kind of a mobile drilling structure whose main distinction is the bottom support they come in. It stands as the structural support to the main deck itself or the hull area. 

Platform drill rigs are not like the jackups. They are not mobile, therefore you can’t move them around. What makes them distinct from other types of drill rigs for sale in the country is that they are normally made from steel or cement. They are taken advantage of for drilling projects for new development wells.  

The floaters are another type of drill rig that is commonly used in the country. Sometimes they are referred to as semisubmersibles. This means that they can remain afloat on the water surface (oceans) with the help of giant pontoons. Or they have instead hollow columns. Fill them up with water and you can make them submerge to the desired depth. Floaters are reliable when working in rough seas, and can be used in drilling new wells.  

Drilling rigs for sale rely on a number of systems to carry out the job and get things done: 

  • Hoisting system, otherwise known as derrick or draw work. 
  • A drive system, this one consisted of motors, chains, and compounds. 
  • A circulating system of the drill string, return lines, kelly pits, and pumps.
  • Control equipment

We may drill a well and do it for a variety of reasons. If the purpose of a drilling project is to build a new reservoir, this will be identified as an exploratory well project. When working on proven oil fields, what you’ll have will be called development wells. 

Perhaps what can be considered as the most widely used drilling technique today is no less than rotary drilling. This type of drilling technique forces the drill bit down the earth, creating a hole or wellbore in the process. The drill bit will rotate with the help of an attachment known as the drill stem. Another purpose for that is to serve as the passage for the drilling fluid, otherwise 

it will not circulate. 

If you overhear of an upcoming well drilling project coming underway and will be using a traditional drill method, it only implies that the drilling work is going to be done vertically. The drilling job is going to work its way down, straight to the mineral oil itself.  

With traditional drilling methods, never try to anticipate that your drilling work will always yield the best results you are looking for. The driller will usually go and work his way vertically and he will then take a sharp horizontal turn. This kind of work though will necessitate the use of special kinds of drill bits.   

With respect to the drilling technology we now have, and the drill rigs for sale in the country, we can safely say that we are an inch away from precise directional drilling work.  

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